Plans Post-Summer 2016

Alright, I have come up with the plan to be a college student for the rest of my life….

I am only kidding!

I graduated with an Undergraduate Degree in Business Administration and the prerequisites for Nursing School in June 2015. I started my MBA with the hopes to finish in one year in September 2016. I didn’t manage that because I took two Nursing Assistant certification classes instead to prepare me better for my dream of becoming a nurse. I needed the certification to give myself a better edge when applying to the OHSU program because I didn’t do so hot in anatomy.

I will be starting my second year of the MBA next in September 2016. I do not have many classes to complete next year for my master’s because I took a bulk of my classes this year.

In January 2017, I will be sending in my application to the OHSU school of Nursing accelerated BSN program. During that time and when I hear about my fate I will be on edge and hoping that I am selected into the program as a student nurse. I will also be enrolling in a Medical Assistant certification program in January 2016. Once again it is just one step closer to the BSN degree I dream of.

I hope to finish my MBA June 2017 which will allow me to become hooded with my mom since she is also in the MBA program.

I also hope to become Nursing student soon after I graduate as an MBA student. If I am accepted into the OHSU program, I will begin classes in June 2017. That program is yearlong, and I would graduate June 2018 with my last and final degree that I have dreamed of obtaining.

If I am not accepted into the program, I am going to work as an MA or CNA wherever I am hired and then keep applying to OHSU until I am accepted. I will not stop until I am accepted and I walk across that stage as a nurse.

I am determined to become a nurse, and I am willing to give all that it takes to become one. I will never give up on my dreams! 🙂


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