This Class for Me: Daunting. Educational. Challenging. Worth It.

Internet Marketing and eCommerce with Jim Teece

Okay, I am not a marketing major. I do not have the skills or the creativity to bring attention to a cause. I am more of a database and numbers gal. That being said this was my hardest class of the term. I completely felt out of my comfort zone, and I had a hard time producing a good blog site or providing anything of creative value. I struggled to post as many blog posts as required. I feel like I worked very hard in this class, and I would never actually admit out loud how much time I spent creating my blog.

This class required me to get out of my comfort zone and challenged me to embrace new concepts in regards to technology. I felt that everything I was taught applied to the real world. That is not something I say about many classes. Jim did a great job creating an educational course that provided a “safe place” to explore new creative ways of thinking.

I loved all the content that was discussed in class. I see the value in blogging every day, and I feel like I found my voice. It was hard, and I hope I did well. That was the only part of the class that created an abnormal amount of anxiety for me since I had some personal issues that interfered with me posting every day.

Would I take it again? Heck yes, BUT only if Jim is teaching.

I hope Jim teaches this class again so I can recommend to my other database nerd friends. We do need to get out and dip our toe into a new realm of technology every once and a while.
Thank you, Jim, for being such a great teacher!


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