I Wish Jim Would Have Discussed ….

Okay, this Internet Marketing and eCommerce class was intense for me! I learned so much my brain hurts (I wish I was kidding).

Anyway, the only other thing I think I would have liked to have been taught was how to set up an online market or an eCommerce link. How do I set up a page for people to buy things from me? We did discuss the importance of having a good Sales Funnel, but I am still not sure what tools to use to make a good sales funnel.

If someone asked me how to set up a donation link on a website page, I would not really be sure on how to do it! I wouldn’t know the best online tools to use for the task. I think I would have like how to learn how to do that in this class.

Other than that I feel like Jim taught us EVERYTHING. Okay, he probably didn’t us everything, but it sure felt like it.