My Grade

Jim, I hate this question. This is probably one of my least favorite questions to have asked of me of all times.

So, here we go. Me stating my case for an A!

Attendance (Be present in class and on time) 25%- Okay, I was in class all days except for two. Both of those days I was actually doing reputable things.

The first class I missed was due to my Nursing Assistant certification class. The Oregon State Board of Nursing requires students to have 88 hours of class and clinical time to receive their CNA 2 license. This program did not allow for any makeup class opportunities and missing more than fifteen minutes of class time is considered an absence. Since I was already enrolled in the course, I was unable to drop and reschedule to the summer class. I registered for the program before I registered for spring classes not even thinking I would have a day class. Most MBA classes are evening or weekends/ I would have received no refund for my $1,500 tuition if I missed that class.

I missed the sixth week of class because of the Women’s Leadership Conference. Since I was on a few committees I did want to be a part of all of my hard work.

For attendance I would say B+ or 88%. Because I did miss two classes for valid reasons.

Daily Reading and Blog Posts 25%- I am one of the top blog writers in the class and have done every assignment in the course. I have sent out a few subscription emails and even posted detail instructions on OG tags for blogs. I have spent more time working on this class than I have for most of my other classes. This is not an easy class. Plus, I really do think I have found my voice. I also stepped up my blogging game a lot throughout the term.

So I would say an A or 98% Daily Reading and Blog Posts

Individual, Team and Class Projects 25%- I have been a team player. Since I was worried about taking on the lead of the project I did volunteer to do the list of volunteers and survey. I think that turned out really well. Plus I am very involved in the main MBA group project.
So, I would say an A or 98% for Individual, Team and Class Projects

Project Quality and Performance 25%- I have definitely worked hard to ensure that I produce a quality product. I enjoy producing high quality and I have spent a lot of time producing a high quality blog.
So I would say an A or 98% for Project Quality and Performance

(88%+98%+98%+98%)/4= 95.5% in the class as a whole! I hope I stated my case well enough! Haha 🙂