Follow Up on My Memorial Day Weekend

Follow up on my post: “Plans for the Beautiful Weekend” Post

Saturday, I worked 13 hours. My feet were sore, and I was so tired I skipped dinner and went straight to bed. I remember getting to the house I was house sitting, feeding the dogs and then changing into my pj’s. I did not even turn of the light until later when I woke up randomly. We went through 41 blocks of 10lb ice. We had two cash registers and two ice shavers running non-stop. Needless to say, Saturday kicked my bum, and I was not looking forward to Sunday.

Sunday, yep, I was very sore. I think I found muscles again that had been missing since last summer. It was harder to put on the charm and serve customers with a huge smile. I think I only gave most a partial smile. I did work another 13-hour shift and survived, barely. We were almost as busy as Saturday but survived.

Monday/today, the final day. So, I have noticed that the last day a sense of revival comes to you during the morning. At the beginning of the day you are happy and peppy, but that shortly disappears around three in the afternoon. By six in the evening you are hoping that no one steps up to the booth and asks the dreaded question, “are you still open?” This requires you bearing the urge to say no and with a smile respond with, “we are shutting down, but we can make you one.” This happens until about six thirty. After the last customer, it is breakdown time. A bittersweet moment. You realize that it is the end of another event for a year, but you are looking forward to a day of regeneration.