Wild Rogue Pro Rodeo Excitement!

I am very excited to go to the Wild Rogue Pro Rodeo this Thursday at the Jackson County Expo. I almost can’t stand it! I think it is going to be great. Including Chase Bryant on the opening day is a great way to get people to go on the first day. Even though I will see Chase Bryant again this summer at the Oregon Jamboree, I think it will be a fun show. I am going to make sure I charge up my phone before I go!The tickets were not that bad cost wise and I bought them as soon as they were available. The last few rodeos I have been to at the Expo have not disappointed at all. The venue is great, and the entertainment is awesome.

My mom hasn’t been to a rodeo since she lived in Hawaii about twenty-four years ago and she wanted to go to one at the Expo. I purchased tickets for her for Mother’s Day this year, and she is very excited to be going. I hope to see many of my classmates from this class there. I think it will be a great time and a way to relieve some stress before finals.