Using my New Skills for my Job!

Recently I was hired as the Internship Coordinator Assistant. I work for Jane Picknell, and she has asked me to update her Moodle site. The coolest thing I figured out… Moodle is a lot like WordPress to me. I am going to be using a lot of the skills I learned in this class to create the best Moodle site the School of Business has seen. Okay, maybe not, but I hope to make it a lot better than it is right now.

The skills I will be using are correlated to creating useful website content. I think that I will be able to use a lot of the little tricks Jim Teece taught us in class to enhance the Moodle site for the Internship program. I am very excited to take this project on. I hope to have it up and running before the start of the Fall Term 2016. This way it will be launched before the new academic year.

I know this won’t be as intense as what we were taught in class, but I will have a little bit of experience with creating online content.

I have already suggested a few things for Jane, and she loves them. I hope to make Jim Teece proud in regards to the layout and content of this Moodle site.