Finish Strong

So, I am a bit stressed this year. Actually, I think I feel more stressed this year than I did last year this time. Maybe because I am striving to do really well and want to end my first year in the MBA program on a strong note. I also think I am almost burnt out. Holy moly I have been working my bum off a lot this past year. Even though I did not finish the MBA program in one year like I originally planned, I finished my CNA certification courses. I became a certified nursing assistant level one in November 2015 and a certified nursing assistant level two in April 2016.

This is one step closure to achieving my dream of becoming a nurse. Since I was little, I also wanted to go into the medical field but thought I wanted to become a doctor. It turns out I am really bad at organic chemistry, really bad. So, I switched to wanting to become a nurse. The reason why I am also in the School of Business is that I love business, and it is everywhere. I think that it will be helpful to have both degrees a BSN and an MBA when I do finally graduate in ten years (kidding I have two years, hopefully. I must apply to the OHSU nursing program next year).

Anyway, it is the end of the year, and everything has built up. I am hoping that I can make it through the next week!

CNA 2 Certificate