Plans for the Beautiful Weekend

This is going to be quite a busy weekend. Why? Well, Boatnik of course. I will be working at the Hawaiian shaved ice booth this weekend and the weather looks like a perfect storm (for us). It is going to be beautiful with temps in the mid-80’s. Holy smokes! I hope we will have enough people to serve everyone! The best part about being so busy is that makes the time go by really fast. The worst part about being busy tomorrow is that I haven’t had time to get into my summer Hawaiian ice mode. I still feel a bit rusty from the offseason. Plus I usually work long days during this event making it difficult for me to blog!

Either way, it will be a blast! I hope to make lots of tips and hopefully see someone there from class.

So, if you have time visit me at Boatnik in Grants Pass, Oregon this beautiful Memorial Day Weekend.