The Farming Fish Website

The Farming Fish Website

Okay so this website could use some love, but there are some great items already on the site.

I started off with the homepage. I love all the authentic pictures, but there seemed to be a lot cluttering up the homepage of the website. I did know where I was looking, and there was content in between each large photo. There was a lot of glitches on the homepage. I think the homepage could be streamlined a little bit more.

About Us: Good page. I learned a few new things about the business because of this page. I like the bios for Michael and Olivia. There isn’t much I would change about this page other than creating a more aesthetically pleasing page for viewers.

Contact Us: I am not sure what I would receive from this but I do like that they make it easy to contact them. I think they should also showcase their social media platforms on this page.

Blog: Uh-oh they need some help. The last blog post is from 2013. This could cause people to lose interest in the website. They have no new News!

Upcoming Events: Yay! They have an upcoming event that is happening in June 2016 located on this page. I was worried that was not going to be the case after looking at the blog. I like the format of this page it could use some spiffing up.

The only social media platform that is of any interest it the Facebook page. I think they should work on bringing up the other platforms online since they have links to them. Overall, I think the website has been neglected a little bit compare to their Facebook page.