Catterbox – A Smart Collar That Translates Cat Meows into Human Speech

The other video I watched on my Facebook news feed was the video, “Collar translates cast noise into Human Speech”. I wanted to see how this sorcery worked, and I also wanted it. Plus, I am a crazy cat lady who only own one cat, so anything cat related I usually watch. Cat videos are my go to happy place.

This video has 7,677,040 views. Not too shabby for the number of views. There are 38k Likes, 143k Shares, and 6.5 k Comments. I think everyone wants to know what is inside their minds of these cute little fluffy devils.

It was a minute and six-second video. I like that length for a video on Facebook. Anything that goes over two minutes tends to lose my attention; I blame that on my ADHD (actually diagnosed 🙂 ).

The other videos I scrolled past were mainly of people doing stupid things. I tend to avoid watching videos on Facebook unless they are related to some I am interested in. I also think I watched it because I am interested in new technology and how it is evolving