JCFPA Social Media Channels

The marketing plan above for JCFPA was designed by the talented Kelsey Mundfrom

First, I think that Instagram will be helpful for the JCFPA to share photos on Facebook while capturing another market segmentation on Instagram. Using the various types of social media channels will allow the JCFPA to target different age groups. Knowing the various types of audiences that fluctuate from each different social media channel can help JCFPA gain more resources.

According to an Investopedia article, “Twitter Vs. Facebook Vs. Instagram: Who Is the Target Audience? (TWTR, FB)” by Justin Walton each channel has its benefits.
“With over 1 billion users worldwide, Facebook tends to appeal to adults, with 47% of its users over the age of 35. Twitter has over 271 million active users who tend to be younger, with 35% between the ages of 18 and 29. Of Instagram’s 200 million active users, 53% are between the ages of 18 and 29.”

How can JCFPA use Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram?

Facebook: Since there is such a large population on Facebook most of their posts should be universal to all audiences. This would be a good place to share heartfelt stories as well. This allows you to target the crowd of 35+ who are more interested reading remarkable authentic success stories on social media. This might be a good way to market to potential foster parents of Jackson County.

Twitter: This is a microblogging site for the younger aged individuals. Using this channel to share volunteer opportunities would be good for the JCFPA organization. Making announcements about events such as the Ugly Sweater Run would be a good use of the Twitter account as well.

Instagram: “Young People Cannot Survive Without Instagram” and over half the users of Instagram are between 18 age 29. This is a great place to post pictures of volunteer events and local fundraising activities. Since it combines so well with Facebook using Instagram to share photos to Facebook is easy and will cut down on the time managing social media accounts.

I think that JCFPA can look towards the Britt Festival’s social media presence as a guideline to follow.


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