Britt Festival’s Social Media Game

Britt Festival Facebook Page

The first this I did was look up the Britt Festival in the search bar of my Facebook account. From here I saw all of the posts in which my friends have tagged the Britt Festival. The first thing I saw was a post from a friend in which the Britt Festival website was referenced; the organization is using OG tags. When I followed the link, it took me straight to the website and page in which the post description referenced. There are many other things going on with the organization’s Facebook site.

They have an “About” section that shared a map of the venue location. There is an Apps section that shares their Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest pages. The Britt Festivals page is quite active, and the photos and videos shared on the page are authentic. Another thing this organization has on their Facebook page is “Upcoming Events” which allows followers to share and tag friends in the events. This is an excellent way to advertise using the social network effect. Lastly, there are several pages in which the Britt Festival page likes. Some of these pages are local businesses, and others are of performers that have or are going to perform at the Britt.

I am very impressed with the Britt Festivals Facebook. The page has everything a person would need to gain information about the business or performers. I am not sure what they aren’t using on Facebook. It seems like they are using Facebook to the full extent. Plus, they are a very active page and post at least once to twice a week.

The Britt Festival’s social media game is strong.