Authentic Advertising: The Force is Strong With This One

Chewy Mask

What a great example of authenticity. I am sure you have already hear the story of the “Giggling Chewy” video. This viral video has been viewed more than 136 million times on Facebook and has resulted in the sellout of these Chewbacca masks in all Kohl’s stores. USAToday Article

Let’s just say Kohl’s could not have generated an ad as authentic as this video even if they were trying. So, does authenticity= big sales? Well, it seems that when the video is this hilarious then I would say success is usually inevitable.

This is a great video to watch and I love how happy Candace Payne is. Chewy is probably my favorite Star Wars character and I buy almost every Chewy themed item available at Petco for my dog. Now I really want one of these masks, but I know I am going to have to wait a few more months until they are readily available again.

Candace’s Facebook Video