An Amazing Friday the 13th Part II

Friday, May 13th at 2:01pm
My phone screen: “Incoming Call From Amber Myer…..” (Amber, my best friend, and sister from another mister. I haven’t seen her in almost two years since she has been working for Disney World in Florida).

Me: “Hey chica, what’s up?”

Amber: “Hey, my sister has a gift for you that I sent her. She is headed to the mall can you meet with her to pick it up, today? It was easier to send it to her as one package with a few other items.”

Me: “Okay… I can do that I will be able to be there in about fifteen minutes. Does that work?”

Amber: “Yeah, I will give her your number so you can meet up with her. I’ve got to go.”

Me: “Okay, sounds good. I miss you.”

No response she hung up. Okay, this upset me a little. I was thinking, “Does she not miss me? Okay, I see how it is!”

Amber texts me: “Sorry to ambush you! Lol. My sister told me she was driving down today, so I wanted her to get it to you if were around. I was in panic mode.”

Me in a text to Amber: “Its all good! Haha, I am at the mall now!”

Ashley (her sister) texts me: “Hi Jasmine! This is Ashley, Amber’s sister. She told me the mall would be a good for me to meet up with you to give you a package from her? I should be there in just a few minutes.”

My text to Ashley: “I am at the mall now in the parking lot by the food court.”
Ashley’s text to me: “Great! I will be at the food court in a minute!”

At this point, all I could think about is how awesome this gift must be. I was trying to think of all the possible things it could be. I was still a little pissed that Amber didn’t say goodbye on the phone, but most of that was overshadowed by the thought of a gift from my friend.
While waiting in the food court, I texted Amber.

My text to her: “Kinda feel like I am on a blind date waiting for your sister to arrive in the food court! Haha”

Next thing I heard was the most incredible thing ever.

“I hope you don’t mind a third wheel!”
It was my best friend, Amber Myer! I felt like a little kid on Christmas morning! I ran to her and gave her the biggest hug I had ever given a human being!

So, most of my afternoon I spent with my best friend. It felt like two years was only two days. I had the best Friday the 13th ever!


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