An Amazing Friday the 13th Part I

What an amazing Friday the 13th I had! Starting off with the first part of my day, I went on an excellent tour of Jim Teece’s company; Project A. Not only was this a lot of fun it was very interesting to see how a growing tech company operates in person. I envisioned a place full of “stuffy” tech guys who are only interested in computer screens, but this was entirely different. I thought the atmosphere was welcoming and professional. Most importantly all of the people there were incredibly friendly and seemed to be willing to help anyone interested in learning more. Project A was a type of place I would want to work for, and I am a little upset that I missed my opportunity to do my undergrad internship there. I liked all of the whiteboards that were located in the conference room and wished that I had some in my room. Plus, I was excited to see some writing up on the whiteboard that I understood as a result of taking this class.

Lastly, I want to thank Jim Teece again for opening up his place as a great opportunity to see a real tech company in action. I had a great time and enjoyed the pizza and chocolate, especially the chocolate. I hope Jim Teece had a great birthday because I surely enjoyed his birthday a lot!


2 comments on “An Amazing Friday the 13th Part I

  1. Mdawi Mohammed Alqahtani

    That sounds lot of fun.

  2. Kelsey Mundfrom

    Project A is the tech hub of Ashland! Too cool.