Mail Chimp Email Results

Mail Chimp Email #1 Data Results

How cool is Mail Chimp? This has probably been one of my favorite things I have learned from Jim Teece’s class besides Google Analytics. Notice how both of these topics discuss how to use data to analyze marketing strategies? I do love to analyze data. Anyway, I wanted to share my results from the Mail Chimp campaign I sent out for my blog on Tuesday May 10, 2016.

I do have a sign up form on the home page of my blog that allows readers to sign up for email updates. As part of our homework Jim Teece had us sign up to receive blog updates from our classmates’ blogs. This has been a lot of fun seeing what everyone is doing with their blog! I had about nine people subscribe to my blog email updates. The response rate I received was actually encouraging and made me inspired to write on my blog more. Eight individuals actually opened my email, and three people clicked on the link to my blog. One of those individuals was me, but regardless I am pretty happy with the results. My mind is still blown as to how much I can figure out using Mail Chimp. I do like how easy it is to analyze the data of an email campaign using Mail Chimp. I hope to use it in my future endeavors. It was fun trying it out on my classmates as well. The lesson about Mail Chimp was a great educational experience!


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