Comnet Case Study

Article: “Comnet Marketing Group Announced That it Laid off 130 Workers Today”

This is the article written by Julia Moore from KDRV.
“MEDFORD, Ore. — Comnet Marketing Group announced that it laid off 130 workers today.
The group is an international fundraising services provider based in Medford. They say that due to a “catastrophic crash” of its entire server system, they will be “maintaining a skeleton team as they prepare for their restart.”
Comnet previously had a staff of 150 in Medford.”

*Case Study*
Okay, so this was a very daunting case for me to address. I am not sure exactly what happened to Comnet Marketing Group, but I felt horrible for the people who have been laid off. I have looked everywhere to find more information about the case but haven’t found anything to give me a better insight.

Since there was a catastrophic crash of its entire server system, I am thinking that an update may not have taken place somewhere along the line. From what I gathered from their website they are a group that is great at fundraising for particular industries. If they aren’t updating their infrastructure to the newest version they may be experiencing technical difficulties creating a server system crash. I do not think that this is something that the employees should have to suffer from.

That is the only thing I can think of for this situation. I don’t know much about the organization, so I am unsure of what exactly is happening currently with the company. If this is the case and somehow the company is at fault for not following through on updates or upgrades, they should be ashamed of themselves.