Nine things to Consider when selecting a WordPress theme

Selecting the Perfect WordPress Theme – 9 Things You Should Consider

When selecting my WordPress theme, I did feel like it was a bit overwhelming. In my head, I did consider most of the things discussed in this blog. Personally, the reason why I wanted to select a simplified theme is that I wanted to focus on the content. After reading this article, I immediately looked up my blog site on my mobile device to see if my theme was responsive! I was elated when I saw how elegantly my WordPress theme converted to a mobile device that I am finding it difficult to change my theme. The other items discussed on the list didn’t to seem to have as much effect on my blog as others. I have experimented with plugins to see what all I could do to my blog. This blog was a helpful blog for first-time users of WordPress. These are the list of the nine things you should consider when selecting the perfect WordPress theme:
1. Strive for Simplicity
2. Responsive is Not Optional Anymore
3. Browser Compatibility
4. Supported Plugins
5. Translation + Multilingual Ready
6. Page Builders
7. Support Options for When You Need Help
8. SEO Friendliness