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Is Your WordPress Theme Sexy and Smart?

I thought this blog was humorous. I agree that a good looking theme will capture an audience. People are influenced by the theme of a blog. As Jim said in class, the theme does set a tone for your blog. One of the statistics mentioned in the blog was that “half of all consumers (46.1%) make judgments about a site’s credibility based on its design, including things like layout, typography and color palette.”

A heavily coded blog theme could also slow the site down. Slow blogs don’t usually attract many viewers if they are slow to load. A theme can also be non-responsive to mobile which could also affect the number of readers. Another statistic I found interesting was according to the Stanford Credibility Project; there is a “clear link between visual design and perceived credibility.” I feel like even when I am doing online shopping, I feel like websites with better layouts and are more appealing to the eye are more trustworthy than others.