Using Google Analytics

9 Awesome Things You Can Do With Google Analytics

This is a great review of what we discussed in Jim Teece’s class regarding Google Analytics. This article is simple and easy to follow with graphics. There are nine useful things that can be done with Google Analytics discussed in this article.
1. See your most important analytics data first. Google Analytics allows users to have a dashboard with widgets that can give a quick overview of the stats in regards to website traffic.
2. Find out which online campaigns bring the most traffic and conversions. Users can track particular domains to see what segment is pulling in the most traffic.
3. Determine where your best visitors are located. This allows you to identify exactly where your visitors are coming from. From there, marketing can be directed to those particular locations.
4. Learn what people are searching for on your site. This can be achieved by providing a search box on your website as well.
5. Visualize what people click on the most.
6. Uncover your top content. This allows you to figure out what pages keep visitors on the website the longest.
7. Identify your worst performing pages.
8. Determine where people abandon the shopping cart. This allows you to determine if there are any issues with your sales funnel.
9. Discover if you need a mobile site. Google Analytics can identify exactly what type of device a visitor is visiting your site on.
As a database individual, I was thrilled to see a way to obtain so much useful data about a website. I am a bit bummed that the data comes all neatly organized into graphs and charts because I would have enjoyed creating those. Overall, Google Analytics seems quite useful for both individuals and businesses.